Benefits of Watermelon Seeds

Efficacy watermelon seeds contain lycopene is good for the body, lycopene serves as an anti-cancer agent, which means to eradicate cancer cells in the body. 
In addition to the anti-cancer substances, so if a problem with the kidneys, it is better to use watermelon seeds as a cure. 
Efficacy and Benefits of Watermelon Seeds. The content of watermelon seeds rich in iron, potassium, vitamins, fat and calories are important for day-to-day nutrition. could also know the manufacture of dairy that produces milk watermelon seeds watermelon seeds to the diet.

Some Benefits of Watermelon Seed

  • diuretic
  • Healthy kidneys
  • Soothing bladder inflammation
  • Moisten intestines
  • eradicate cancer cells
In addition, it contained lycopene in watermelon are also good for your face. In addition to the elderly, watermelon seed can recover health after illness and also sharpen memory efficacious. 
For the men, lycopene is also useful to improve male fertility and also the passion. In fact, according to one study, watermelon seeds has a function equivalent to the famous patent medicines but has no side effects. 
According to a study contents protein watermelon seeds is almost equivalent to soy. 
So a watermelon seed milk is very fitting for those who are allergic to cow’s milk or for those who want to diet. 
Water Melon Seed to cure edema
  • watermelon seeds to dry, then ground to a powder
  • Take the powder as much as a spoon, then pour the hot three-fourths cup
  • Once warm, add one tablespoon of honey
  • Toss well and drink immediately once
  • Do twice a day Watermelon Seeds 
Efficacy for diabetes
  • Take 1 handful of watermelon seeds
  •  watermelon seeds Boil one liter of water to boil (45 minutes) in a pot covered
  •  After a cold, drink like tea and do every day
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