Benefits of sweet potato leaves

Dengue fever is a deadly disease that has been consuming the soul, the cause is due to aidis mosquito, the dengue fever one of the factors that cause the sufferer is not helped our lack of knowledge about dengue fever, and first aid to the sufferer.
benefits of sweet potato leaves
Nowadays many types of specialized medicine for dengue fever, but it does not hurt for us to try other types of dengue drugs that are still natural, or herbal, one of which is by using sweet potato leaves, sweet potato leaves Benefit was able to treat and prevent dengue fever, as for the steps to process sweet potato leaves as a remedy for dengue fever are as follows:
  • Prepare a bunch of sweet potato leaves are still fresh, about the size of the bond vegetables
  •  Rinse sweet potato leaves we prepared the
  • Boil the sweet potato leaves
  • Filter and take the water
  • Drinking, water is for the prevention of drinking water should be boiled leaves of the sweet potato, instead of drinking water daily
Efficacy of sweet potato leaves are good for health and is able to treat a deadly disease course we can practice every day, because keeping it is better than cure.
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