Benefits Of Push ups

Push ups is lightweight and effective exercise to build muscle arms and chest. Push ups are also useful to strengthen the arm and abdominal muscles. But push-ups wrong attitude just does not bring any benefit even worse effects on the body.

So how does the correct position of push-ups? Here are tips on doing push ups correctly and effectively.

Tips to do push ups

1. You should not use a pad or mat while doing push ups. Do it on the floor.
2. Hand position wide on the floor. Foot rests on the tips of your toes, so that the whole body can be supported by straight and perfect.
3. Bend your elbows while exhaling, lower your shoulders to elbows form a 90 degree angle.
4. Then with a sigh, shoulders thrust up her arms as straight as possible, but try not stiff elbow position.

Push ups should be done when the stomach is empty, the morning and evening. For beginners are advised to do push-ups two series each day (25 times per series). Then be increased gradually.

Benefits of Push Up

Push up has many benefits for the body, such as the
1. tighten the muscles
     Diligent push ups will tighten the muscles especially the muscles of the arm.
2. Preventing osteoporosis
     Push ups may also strengthen bones thus preventing it from kropos bones or osteoporosis.
3. long live
     A study from the University of Greifswald is done for seven years, showing that diligent doing push ups can increase testosterone levels in the body. Testosterone serves to prevent the risk of diabetes, hypertension, and obesity.
4. Flatten belly
     Push ups are one exercise that is lightweight and free to tackle belly. For those who want flat stomach, let diligently push ups!

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