Benefits Of Pull Ups

The fitness mania would have been very familiar with this one exercise. Pull ups exercise is also often used in military exercises. Although easy to do, but much to be gained by doing this exercise.
Strong backs and trained to make the body look much more great. In addition, a strong back muscles will improve your posture for the better. Well, to train the back, in addition to using tools such as dumbbell, dumbbells, or machines, you can do so without the use of tools. One of them with a pull-up exercises.
Pull up a compound exercise that will make you use more than one joint muscles while doing this movement. These types of exercises will stimulate more muscle fibers so for the pull ups benefits the muscles can grow optimally. By doing pull ups, back muscles, shoulders, chest, and triceps be trained.

How to Pull Up
The following are the stages of implementation to pull up exercise:

• The position of the body and arms hang grasping the bar
• The position of the foot can be crossed with knees bent back
• Position your elbows straight
• Board appointed to chin over the bar
• Follow with proper breathing

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