benefits of practical thinking

Currently, the information can be easily obtained. All we want to know if there is at our fingertips. But this convenience often backfires for our self. Too much information we get makes us confused, unfocused, forgotten or even lost our purpose which eventually led to inefficiencies and time performance.
Edward de Bono will expertly shows that you can direct your mind to pay attention only to things that are relevant to your interests. Six thinking practical framework introduced by Edward de Bono will help train your mind to;
1. Stay focused on the goal
2. Finding the right information for your destination
3. Ensure the accuracy of that information but
4. Distinguish important information from which only favored
5. Allowing myself to be objective
6. Draw accurate conclusions
Great enemy of thinks is confusion. Unfortunately, the more active the mind, the greater the risk of confusion. Destination good all thought activity is clarity. But clarity is useless if not thorough. Very clear about the situation only a small part, not at all good-even dangerous. We need to get clear overall. The main cause of confusion is trying to do everything at once.

When the mind is trying to do everything at once, thinking it ended up doing the whole thing and hardly neglect the other. This is why the Six Thinking Hats Edward de Bono is a powerful framework. Here’s an explanation of the six ways each given symbol.

Framework objectives triangle is emphasized the importance of being clear and define what exactly we are going to need basic information and our interaction with the information. Most people only have a vague idea of ​​the general and far from true.
Bring it to the surface of the frame of mind and put it in front of our own, and others make more effective use of information. There is no shortage of information, we need to be clear about what we want from all of that information.

Circle framework invites us to direct attention specifically to the accuracy of the information we see. Value of information depends directly upon the accuracy assessment.
We often easily take for granted that the information is correct. This is because we trust the source, like a newspaper, and also because it is difficult to check everything every time. For the sake of being practical, we are too quick to accept the accuracy of the information we need.
Circle framework is an invitation for ourselves and others to see firsthand the fundamental accuracy of the information.

Looking at the data differently will become increasingly important, we are getting used to enter information into the computer and receiving the results of the computer analysis.
May assess the impartiality of information when neutrality is not the main problem seen wasting time.
However, at the same time, it is important and useful to know the nature and strength of any bias. Without such clarity is very difficult and dangerous to use that information.
If the framework has become a habit Square readers, newspaper editors may be more tries to present a balanced view of whatever predicament it. If not, the reader may be switched to the issue that it presents a more balanced view.

When we use the information to answer a need, the need is strong enough to push for information. Nevertheless, there is something more in it than just the information needs at any given moment. Heart framework directs attention to the things that are of interest.
Matters relating to anything that is or may be we do are the things that might be of general interest or special interest.
‘Interests’ may seem like a virtual thing, but very important. Over time validity, sensitivity to interest in forming a myriad of background information that would be useful in many situations.

The diamond was a kind of summary of the framework and outline: ‘Is that information?’ There are various types of values ​​and varying degrees of value. Diamonds framework is all about making these values ​​more clearly through direct attention. Even if a value has been seen using other frameworks, the value that can be viewed again using Diamond Framework.

Beams is a framework for the results and conclusions. Ni framework requires careful effort to organize the above conclusion beam for ourselves and others. No longer enough to assume all of those who are dealing with the same information would reach the same conclusion. There is a need to express conclusions clearly and carefully. To do so we have to think about it. This is important.

Of the six frameworks above, conveyed by Tanadi Santoso in the summary as To-lo-po-so-go: which means;
• To – destination, destination. We think what purpose?
• Lo – look, look no chance or oportunity, there is what can be learned from our surroundings or what can be copied from someone else.
• Po – possibility, think creatively, look for odd solutions of the possibilities that exist, even that is not generally thought by others (latheral thinking).
• So – want to do what? what is your final decision, what option is our choice after going through the process of thinking.
• Go – Go, run – do it, do immediately what is your conclusion.

Writing of the booklet authored Edward de Bono helped us in brainstorming, research, data collection activities, and everything we do intersect with information. Train your mind start today and be more efficient and focus today.

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