Benefits of Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking Benefits
Benefits of Positive Thinking
Later, the term “positive thinking” was heard everywhere. In general, the meaning is “If I have always thought that it was good for me, it will not stress over.” “If I always respond in a constructive manner, the result will be good.” Even in the medical world too, there is the term “positive thinking.” Soul and body have unending dialog. So, the things we have in mind are not a mere abstract concept to be recognized that the mind must be realized and physical active.
If we respond to something with rejection, will appear in the body of substances that among others will accelerate the aging process and the growth of cancer cells. Conversely, if we react positively in abundance and gratitude, the organ producing substances that will make our bodies stay young and healthy. The existence of this mechanism in the body can be proven medically.
Why Negative Mind Makes Us Sick?
People who used to think positive also has a strong resistance to disease. Meanwhile, those who are always negative view would quickly fall ill. Even with the conditions and lifestyles too, anyone have good health and some are easy to get sick. Though the concept is not as valid, worldview means very important for our health.
Actually, what substance formation in the body depends on the mindset, Substances that are generally recognized by the hormone? Hormone-related hormones important perspective is adrenaline, noradrenaline, beta-endorphin and enkephalin.
Noradlenarin produced by the brain when anxious or stressed. When frightened, adrenaline will appear. Hormones are substances messenger at the cellular level, that is, substances that convey commands from the brain to every cell. If, for example, “mad” is delivered, the body will react with tension and activity. Therefore, we are talking about here is a substance on the one hand it is important to (maintain) alive, but on the other hand is very toxic.

20 Types of Hormone Happiness

If someone is constantly up blood and suffered great stress, he may fall ill due to poisoning noradlenalin, get old, and die early. Instead, he’s always dealing with something with a smile and positive ways that will flow is a beneficial hormone and activate brain cells and keeps the body healthy. Hormone-hormone such as this will make us young, fight cancer cells, and improve mood. If you want a happy and healthy life, and wants to live longer without cancer or obesity, you must live in such a way that the hormone-good hormones to be produced.
For the hormone that makes us happy and unhappy, I chose the term “brain morphine” because the chemical structure and effects similar to morphine sedated. While the anesthesia contained morphine dependence risk of side effects: on the hormone of happiness we do not have to worry about that.
Overall, there are approximately twenty species of hormone happiness. Although the workings and effects vary, the same pharmacological effect. Among so much happiness hormone, beta-endorphin is the most efficacious, works five or six times more powerful than drugs. Indeed, why our brains produce substances such happiness? I am sure that with it, nature wants to force us to “live happily!”
On the other hand, people also have bad thoughts which he later realized in action. Some people may think, “I’ll get rid of the X in order to get an advantage.” Maybe they do it to get a lot more money, or acquire status and fame. If that goal is achieved, of course, they were happy, and if they are happy, happiness will release hormones.
For reasons that are not understood, the excitement does not seem to last long, and soon fade. If one does not think of the good of the world or each other, others may not like the success he achieved, and even harm. But sometimes, the mind itself that drove him to failure. This may be because God prefers humans to live within their guidelines, while those who did not have to be punished.
For me, everything was explained that this mechanism has previously been programmed in the human genome. This is not surprising because everything is recorded in our brain, including the memories of the past.
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