Benefits of O2

the benefits of oxygen for human life

Benefits of O2
(O2) is the key to all of life. We can live a few days without food and water, but can not live for 4 minutes without oxygen. Even our brain cells will die within 15 seconds when in the absence of oxygen. Each cell in the human body needs oxygen, to divide, to grow and to keep the cells alive.

Benefits of Oxygen:
     Improve memory and intelligence.
     Medium of cancer, asthma and other diseases.
     Increase metabolism.
     Reduces toxins in the blood.
     Stabilize blood pressure.
     Strengthen the heart and immune system.
     Prevent stress and nervousness.
     Beautify the skin and prevent premature aging.

Many diseases in this modern era are caused by lack of oxygen. This is a serious problem world. With oxygen the body will be able to regenerate cells, helps increase the absorption of vitamins and nutrients, increased system immune and neutralize toxic substances in the bloodstream.

On the average, each tree in its life cycle could be sufficient oxygen (O2) to the needs of 18 (eighteen) and absorb the carbon dioxide (CO2) from cars that run about 41 834 km. Large tree absorbs approximately 120-240 pounds of tiny particles tau pollutant gases. Only plants that produce oxygen in the earth (Jalal 2007).

According Bernatzky (1978) high tree with a trunk diameter of 25 m and 15 m, will have an area 160 rod cover and leaf surface area of 1600 , will produce as much as 1712 grams of oxygen. For 1 acre of green land with a total area of ​​5 acres of leaf surface would require 900 kg of CO2 to conduct photosynthesis for 12 hours, and at the same time will produce 600 kg of O2.

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