Benefits of Juice dates

juice dates benefits – Date is one fruit that comes from Mecca who have a variety of benefits and properties that are good for our health. Distinctive sweet taste and make dates enjoy doing a lot of people, especially people Indonesia. For that reason, the fruit is very suitable for consumption because of tremendous benefit to our body, even the juice of dates are also very good for women who are pregnant.

Benefits dates juice

Here are some of the benefits of dates palm juice for our bodies:

  • Help on diet program.
  • Overcome sluggish and tired.
  • Help bone growth because it is rich in calcium.
  • Treat stroke.
  • Treating anemia.
  • Prevent cancer.
  • Slow aging.
  • Nourish the skin.
  • Overcoming rheumatism.
  • Streamlining the digestive because it is rich in fiber.
  • Increase the platelets in the body.

That’s some of the benefits and efficacy of palm juice that we can get by eating a date every day on a regular basis.


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dates juice Benefits For Pregnant Women

dates juice benefits, despite several benefits over the palm juice, palm juice is also very good for women who are pregnant because it can help stabilize blood and nutrients back postpartum. In addition, there is a date in a hormone similar to the hormone oxytocin which can help to stimulate contraction of smooth muscle wall of the uterus during labor. Therefore the benefits of palm juice is very well taken for pregnant mothers, especially those that are pregnant in order to assist in the birthing process.

Benefits of  Dates in Estrogen Hormone Sets:

Have known of the other elements in the composition and function of dates which are very similar to the hormone estrogen. Among the functions of this hormone, among others: The functions of bone, breast, skin, uterus, FSH hormone that stimulates the scrotum, Producing yellow body (corpus luteum) LH in the ovary that hangs on a large ligament, balance ions and minerals in in the body, heal menstrual cycle, body fat distribution, insulin production, production of sperm in men.

That’s some of the benefits and efficacy of palm juice for health. Eat dates to get the benefit of a million tiny little pieces that have a sweet taste.

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