Benefits of guava leaves

Benefits of guava leaves for dengue fever

If you have any family or friends with the disease dengue fever immediately take action to bring the patient to the nearest doctor, to treat dengue fever naturally you can use a Natural Way To Treat Dengue fever following: dengue drugs are cheap and easy to obtain.
So far we know red guava fruit is efficacious as a remedy for dengue fever. But according to a study demonstrated that guava leaf more powerful than red guava fruit.
Greenish brown boiled water with a little flavor sepet.
How to use: 9 pieces of guava leaves boiled in 5 cups of water until it becomes 3 cups. Strain and chill, drink 3 x 1 cup / day
Dengue myths Leaves But Not Fruit Treat Dengue fever naturally. Natural Remedy for Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever Is guava fruit capable to rise platelet values​​? Research results Prof.Dr.Soegeng Soegijanto SpA (K), DTM & H and Harjono Achmad-both from Airlangga University School of Medicine-break that myth.
Is efficacious as anti-dengue is not guava fruit but actually guava leaves. They tested double-blind randomized controlled clinical RSU.Dr.Soetomo the child, Surabaya. Research last year since October 2004. Twenty-two patients were given a teaspoon of guava leaf extract. Frequency 3 times a day for 3-4 consecutive days. The result is the number of platelets jumped up 100.000/ul. “This is a good news for guava leaf is very easy to obtain” said Soegeng, professor of child health.
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