Benefits of Foreplay for Miss V Health

The Health Benefits of Foreplay Before Intercourse

Benefits of Foreplay for Miss V Health
Benefits of Foreplay for Miss V Health

Doing foreplay before intercourse continues into not only warm the romance of couples, but also has health effects for women. Foreplay does have its own beneficial for health. Specially for women, foreplay is very beneficial function for the health of Miss V.

Benefits of Foreplay is to make Miss V ready to penetrate. “When a woman aroused during foreplay, it makes lubrication in the vagina better. Miss V has become wet, slippery, and Miss V slightly elongated cavity. That means she’s ready to have intercourse,” said Dr. Ardiansjah Dara SpOG Kes.

Health Benefits of Foreplay for Miss V

Health Benefits of Foreplay for Miss V

Lubrication on vagina is useful to minimize injuries. “If Miss V less or not lubricated well possibility of blisters, bleeding wounds in the organs of Miss V, later the impacts would cause infection,” she explained.

According to Dr Dara, if there is an infection in the vagina it can be dangerous because of the possibility of bad bacteria spread through the wound.

“In Miss V area there is normal flora organisms (bacteria) and not normal (bad bacteria). Wherever there are open sores Miss V and bad bacteria in, so the infection and spread fear,” She explained.

Basic benefits of foreplay for couples are increasing bond. “Actually, the most good benefits of foreplay is to create more emotional bond each other. Was not purely love to vent sexual thirst, but their inner communication would be so much better, starting slowly with affection,” She said.

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