Benefits of Folic acid for man

Benefits of Folic acid or Folic acid drugs (folate or folacin), is a supplement tablets that contain high levels of certain vitamins that are medically have properties, functionality and usability to help improve the chances of getting pregnant.

Not only benefit the fertility of wives, folic acid vitamin B6 also has many health benefits for husbands, essentially taking the benefits of folate (folic acid) before pregnancy is very good for couples who are planning a pregnancy program.

Benefits of Folic Acid For Women

The benefits of folic acid and usability for a woman’s body is able to help strengthen the egg, therefore wives who consume folic acid tablets can increase the chance and opportunity to become pregnant.

There have been many cases of community among pregnant program of visits NOT SUCCEED, when the couple who run the program planning and preparation for pregnancy TSB has been declared healthy by a doctor. In cases like this, the quality of eggs to be one of the factors that influence.

Folate (folic acid) has the special advantages, in addition to have utility to increase the chances of pregnancy, the benefits of folic acid is also very good and recommended for pregnant women consumed to prevent birth defects.

Benefits of Folic Acid For Men

Benefits of Folic Acid to Increase Sperm Quantity

A study conducted in the city of Nijmegen and the Netherlands (March 2002), shows the fact that folic acid can increase sperm volume by 74% in men taking folic acid tablets. Automatically with the increasing number of male sperm then the chances of fertilization in the female egg was so increased.

Benefits of Folic Acid increase Sperm Quality

Still based on the same study, the benefits of folic acid not only increases the sperm count alone but experts (researchers) found that folate (folic acid) can improve sperm QUALITY and able to reduce (minimize) the number of abnormal sperm up to 4%.

Sperm Quality Reasons Why So Important

Good sperm quality is very important for the process of fertilization in the egg, sperm men who have poor quality will be difficult to fertilize the female egg. Although the sperm can fertilize the egg, but it is feared could lead to defective babies and cause other diseases in infants such as Down Syndrome disease.

Does intake of Folic Acid (Folic Acid) of food is enough?

If you can ensure that the amount of folic acid intake is sufficient that you eat and really consistently consume foods that contain lots of folic acid for months, then you can put off for Folic acid supplement use.

But the facts and the reality is not so, often and many couples do not have a lot of time and opportunity to adjust the diet to be consumed each day. As was the case in couples busy that would be more likely to eat outside the home. For couples who are in a situation that does not allow this kind, it is suggested that folic acid supplement use diligent.

Folic acid (Folic Acid) should be consumed not only in order to increase the chances of getting pregnant, but also to prepare for the growth of a healthy baby later in your pregnancy.

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