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Complete Fish Oil Benefits

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Benefits of Fish Oil

Fish oil is one of the solutions for you that don’t like to eat fish, but would like to take benefit from the content of the fish. The benefits of fish oils are well known for the health of the body.

Starting from when the body is still in the shape of a fetus in the mother’s womb until old age. All age levels can experience the benefits of fish oil. Especially of the types of fish that are far from the presence of mercury contamination in the waters is free so it is safe for consumption.

Anyone who doubts the nutrient content in the fish? It feels like everyone already knew the nutrient content of the fish. Then, do you also know the benefits of fish oil? Yes, you should not hesitate to be conceived by benefits of fish oil.

You also must have been familiar with the typical forms of fish oil. Gold colored with elliptical shapes coupled with a chewy texture that makes fish oil stands out compared to other types of multivitamins. Benefits of fish oil has also been quite popular.

The content and benefits of fish oil
Benefits of fish oil fish oil cannot be separated from the womb itself. In the fish oil contains Omega 3, vitamin A, and vitamin d. in addition, fish oil is also a source of low-fat cholesterol safely consumed by all age levels.

But if any excess is not good. Benefits of fish oil would be totally missing gave way to vitamin A poisoning and d. It also resulted in a decrease in the levels of vitamin E in the body. Therefore, it should be consumed according to the needs or the right dose. For example, for a child who has a weight of 10 kg, consume enough fish oil a teaspoon of it per day.

Benefits of fish oil For Fetuses and toddlers

Fish Oil benefits
Fish Oil Benefits

On fetuses and toddlers, omega 3 found in fish oil was instrumental in the development of the brain or intelligence of the child. Omega 3 has benefits to improve the ability of the central nervous system of a fetus arrangement. It also is good for the immune system of children from various diseases.

One study found that pregnant women who consume fish oil during pregnancy had children whose language skills are high compared with those not taking it at the time.

The study also shows that there is a high coordination ability on the eyes and hands of infants from mothers who consume fish oil during pregnancy. It is also due to the benefits of fish oil is rich in vitamin A and D content. fish oil is also beneficial for the growth of bones and teeth.

The consumption of fish oil can also increase the weight of the baby’s body at the time he was born. While the low-cholesterol fatty acids may reduce the risk of diabetes in infants.

Highly recommended for pregnant women consuming fish oil for the benefit of fish oil at the age of 6 to 9 months. At this time the fetal brain development occurs so rapidly. After that, it can be resumed in a few months after the birth of your little one.

Benefits Of Fish Oil For Adults
For adults maintaining health is one of the benefits of fish oil. It is fish oil fatty acids low in cholesterol so it is safe for consumption.

The consumption in large amounts can help reduce triglyceride levels and increase the establishment of the good cholesterol (HDL) in the body. In doing so, automatically can also inhibit bad cholesterol (Low-density Lipoprotein/LDL) cholesterol profile is so be good.

Other benefits of fish oil that is the content of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) contained in Omega 3. This content can lower the risk of coronary heart disease, blood clots in excess amounts, strengthen blood vessels, coping with low blood pressure, improve blood pressure in people with hypertension, and to improve the content of lipids in the blood.

In addition, vitamins A and D are contained in fish oil also serves to help regenerate damaged cells primarily in bones and teeth. As well as very good for maintaining the health of our eyes. Vitamins A and D are contained in fish oil is dependent on the age of the fish. The higher the age, the content of vitamins A and D are also getting bigger.

Benefits Of Fish Oil For The Elderly
Old age is the age of a heart attack-prone and cholesterol. Consume fish oil can reduce your risk of heart attack due to its beneficial Omega 3 to facilitate blood circulation so that the heart rate can be maintained normally. Omega 3 has an important role to keep the cholesterol profile. By consuming fish oil regularly, could reduce the risk of cholesterol disease affected the elderly.

In addition, vitamin A and D which are found in fish oil may prevent blindness due to threat of eyesight to a degenerative called Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) which usually occur in old age. This blindness can be avoided because vitamins A and D are contained is able to help the repair process of the cells of the retina are damaged at a ripe old age.

Fish oil benefits- how much fish oil that can be Consumed?
In fact, to get the maximum benefits of fish oil, can be done by way of regulating dosage of fish oil consumed. Recommended dose for gain maximum benefits of fish oil can be seen sharing rules found on the packaging.

If fish oil consumed in excess (over dose), can lower levels of Vitamin E in the body. Then, if fish oil made from fish liver extract, measure or excess doses may cause toxicity of Vitamin A and Vitamin d. why? That is because the fish liver is one among where toxic substances toxic substances. Especially if the fish being fish oil has the benefit of living in a place that does not meet the health standards and the unhygienic.

Special for kids or toddlers, fish oil consumption doses per day based on her weight. As a benchmark, a teaspoon of fish oil per day if the weight of your child or toddler 10 kilogram. If it weighs more than 10 pounds, a rate of consumption of fish oils are effective is one tablespoon. So, the more weight or increasing weight toddlers, dose should be adjusted as needs increase.

Benefits Of Fish Oil – Fish Oil Storage Processes
Benefits of fish oil can also be affected if the way storage is that you do not either. Thus, how fish oil storage should you notice. Then, how does fish oil storage is good?

In order for the benefits of fish oil does not fade, we recommend that you store fish oil on a place or a sealed container and put it in a cool place. This is done to avoid the process of oxidation of fats contained in fish oil. If the oxidation in fish oil occurs, the quality and benefits of fish oil will be lost. In addition, the oxidation process will cause the scent smells rancid.

Fish oil side effects – the threat in the fish oil
mercury content above a threshold of safe in fish oil supplements were found not too long ago, again raising fears of potential dangers of supplements of omega-3 fats appear back in the media, after environmentalists filed suit to some fish oil producers upon product which is contaminated by chemicals that can cause cancer.

Food and drug agency USA (FDA) establishes the mercury content in fish and recommends consuming about 12 ounces of fish or shellfish (about twice the portion of) the low level of mercury per week. Shrimp, salmon, catfish and tuna cans are small, is a product of the mercury content is low.

In addition to Lovaza, a brand of fish oil supplements that have been approved and follow the standard processing of the FDA, no supplements of omega-3 fats which refers to the regulations of the FDA.

Taking fish oil supplements are considered safer than eating fish, because many manufacturers use the fish whose positions lower in the food chain, so that polluters be deleted substances during the process of distillation.

After a long article above about the benefit and threatens of fish oil I recommend to you whether to complete the menu with fish oil or not, may be a good idea to discuss the pros and cons of this with your doctor, and check regularly to ensure physical health in balance.

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