Benefits of Fart

Healthy Fart Benefits

Healthy Fart Benefits
Benefits of Fart

Fart (flatus) is the release of gas that has been produced in the digestive tract via the anus. Farts are often regarded as an act rude if done in public by most of the cultures, including the cultures of Indonesia. Even to respect the norms of etiquette or a part of self-actualization, it is not uncommon to make a person tend to try to hold the farts while in a public place. But, you know even hold a fart harmful to the body?

How does the process of farting?

Fart comes from the gases contained in the gut. These gases come from swallowed air when someone is eating / drinking and from the incomplete digestion of food in the gut. Production of gas in the intestines will usually increase after eating.
Gas that is formed will be brought into the rectum (the last part of the intestine) through intestinal peristalsis which will also bring the rest of digestion (stool). Gas or even feces that have reached the rectum will cause a similar complaint, that discomfort around the stomach and heartburn.
Subsequently to be issued through the anus fart by accident when the pressure in the rectum is greater than the power of the anal sphincter, such as coughing, sneezing or orgasm or removed intentionally (consciously) by increasing the pressure of the rectum and the anal spincter reduce pressure so that the gas is easy out.

Important Healthy Benefits of Fart

A French doctor suggested to the entire community, especially the French, ventured to throw gas, either from the mouth or from ‘bottom’, to reduce the risk of cancer.
Frederic Saldmann urged the French people to be able to relax in life. This must be done to maintain their own health. How to relax is Saldmann is the courage to issue fart, belch and sweat. Saldmann gives tips to the people of France to get rid of all social restrictions are adopted from English culture that does not allow people to burp or fart and sweat lightly.

“Disposing of gas production in the body as much as 2 liters a day is a natural thing. While withstand exhaust gas will be very dangerous for the survival of the colon, “said Saldmann written in his book Le Grand Ménage.

Gas contained in the body will be out in two ways: through the top (mouth) is termed a belch and bottom of the hole or the term fart. Saldmann recommends that all people can spontaneously emit them, when they want it, rather than have a clandestine manner.

This, he added, is the best way to reduce the risk of hiatal hernia (hernia) are usually suffering among the people of France and Europe. Maintaining the air in the stomach will increase heart disease as well as cancer risk in food vessels. The increase is predicted Saldmann disease due to lack of people do fart and burp.

Dr Saldmann also advised to dispose of drugs blocking sweat sweat because he came out as well as stop the toxin or toxins to exit the body. In addition to requiring farting, burping and sweating. Saldmann also called on French citizens to reduce consumption of chewing gum, should not eat while walking and reduce the consumption of soft drinks, which has the potential to produce a fart.
So, brothers and sisters are not always what we think is bad and shameful that there is no benefit.
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