benefits of electromagnetic wave for our daily basis

There are many electromagnetic wave we use on daily basis, below you’ll find benefits of electromagnetic wave for our daily basis
Range / spectrum of Electromagnetic Waves (GEM).
=> Gamma rays, X-rays, ultra violet, visible light, infrared, radar and TV waves, radio waves, microwaves, etc.
=> In this order (from left to right) the smaller the frequency, but the greater wavelength.

Gamma rays.
> Frequency: 10 ^ 20 hz-sd-10 ^ 25 hz
> Has a very large penetration power
> Used in industry
> Detection devices: Geiger Muller

X-rays (= X-ray)
> Frequency: 10 ^ 16 hz-sd-10 ^ 20 hz
> Great penetrating power
> Used to detect organ in the body organs
(eg, determining the position of the fracture)

Ultra Violet.
> Frequency: 10 ^ 15 hz-sd-10 ^ 16 hz
> The main source of the sun
> Needed in the assimilation process plants
> Kills some types of skin disease germs

Looks light (= light)
> The only GEM can be seen (observed human eyes)
> Wavelength: 430 nm-690 nm-sd)
(narrow frequency range)
> Benefits / functions: allows us to see

Infra Red.
> Frequency: 10 ^ 11 hz-sd-10 ^ 14 hz
> Used in photography (aerial photography or satellite) for mapping the surface of the earth and natural resources
> Can also be used in physical therapy (physical therapy)

Radar waves. (Radio Detection and Ranging)
> To detect aircraft that moves close / away from the air base.
> Can also be used in the means of communication.

TV and Radio Wave wave.
> Use mostly for radio and TV transmitters

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