Benefits of Echinoderms

Brittle Star Urchin

Benefits of Echinoderms for Human

The sea urchin is food for humans, who consumed either raw or lightly cooked. Urchin roe is a popular food in Korean cuisine, and this is called “uni” in Japanese sushi cuisine. It is also a traditional food in Chile, where it was known as “erizo,” and are greatly appreciated in Spain. In addition to domestic consumption, Chile and a number of other countries export the sea urchin to Japan in order to meet demand across the country.

Sea cucumbers are considered a delicacy in the Far Eastern countries such as Malaysia, China, Japan and Indonesia. It is highly valued for its medicinal properties are supposed to be. In Japanese cuisine, konowata made from sea cucumber entrails are extracted.

Trade of sea cucumbers, among sailors Macassans and Aboriginal Arnhem Land, to supply the South China market is the first recorded example of trade between residents of the Australian continent and their Asian neighbors.

Ecologically, echinoderms play a key role in the food web. In the case of sea cucumbers, this is usually as scavengers, feeding on debris in the benthic layer, and feed on plankton and other organic matter found in the sea.

Variety of fish, most commonly pearl fish, have evolved a symbiotic relationship (commensalism) with sea cucumbers in which the pearl fish will live in sea cucumber’s cloaca, use it for protection from predation, a source of food (the nutrients passing in and out of the anus from the water), and to develop into their adult stage of life. In the case of the sea, where they are in the food web also impact the world economy, because they eat oysters, clams, and other organisms that humans use.

Scientifically, sea urchin occupies a special place in biology as long as the use of a standard subject for study in the field of embryology.

Medical field, several varieties of sea cucumber (known as gamat in Malaysia) is said to have excellent healing properties. There are pharmaceutical companies being built based on this gamat product. Extracts are prepared and made into oil, cream, or cosmetics. Some products are intended to be taken internally. Claims have been made that cucumber helps wounds heal faster and reduce scarring.

Aesthetic, diverse forms of echinoderms, and sometimes makes them brilliant coloring, often a source of joy for people who observe them.

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