benefits of cow bone marrow for child brain intelligence

Bone marrow is the soft and super savory, often used as an ingredient to make the broth on the food. Some are finally enjoying the softness of the bone marrow directly in the cow. Indeed, the food is delicious and gives the sensation of another meal than others.

The Benefits of Marrow Bone for Health

marrow bone health benefits

Turns marrow has good benefits to anyone consume, both children and adults. If you have children in infancy and difficult to eat, give them a cow marrow can improve brain function so that they become more active and smarter. Beef marrow is also believed to increase appetite for children are difficult to eat.

Maintaining excellent beef marrow bones and teeth. For children and adults, marrow cows can boost immunity, so we did not get sick. Wow, delicious, nutritious anyway.

Eating beef marrow is also good for you to accelerate the healing of injured bones. Beef marrow contains nutrients such as iron of 480 mg, 8 mg calcium 4.7 mg protein and phosphorus 3.1 mg. With the content of the many benefits we can get from eating beef bone marrow. Including those who want to strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis.

If you want to eat more delicious with beef marrow, can make a soup or skewers so that more tempting. Especially for the children who are growing.

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