Benefits of Atmosphere

Meaning Definition / Understanding Atmosphere (Atmospheric)

Benefits of  Atmosphere
Benefits of  Atmosphere
The atmosphere is a layer of air which consisted of a mixture of gases surrounding the planet Earth a better planet, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn, Venus, Neptune and others. The atmosphere is all around us start from the ground up in the sky far there

Constituent components / content / Composition Atmostfer (atmosphere) Earth

– Nitrogen (N ^ 2): 78.08%
– Oxygen (O ^ 2): 20.95%
– Argon (Ar): 0.93%
– Carbon dioxide (CO ^ 2): 0.035%
– Neon (Ne): 0.0018%
– Methane (CH ^ 4): 0.00017%
– Helium (He): 0.0005%
– Hydrogen (H ^ 2): 0.000009%
– Xenon (Xe): 0.000004%

Benefits of  Atmosphere

The atmosphere protects the earth from the fall of the celestial body
The atmosphere has a role in life on the surface of the earth, among others.
– Protecting the earth from the fall of the celestial bodies such as meteors, comets etc..
– Maintain the air temperature at the earth’s surface in order to remain useful for life
– Reflecting the radio waves
– Helps maintain stability temperatures day and night
– Absorb ultraviolet radiation and extremely dangerous to humans and other creatures of the earth.
– Creating the weather, such as rain and snow so there summer and winter.
– Means the process of combustion, without air we can not light a fire, breathing, and so on
– In addition, the gases in the atmosphere have their respective roles are:
a. Nitrogen for plant growth
b. Oxygen for respiration
c. Carbon dioxide for photosynthesis
d. Neon to electric lights
e. Ozone to absorb some solar radiation

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