Benefits of Anger

Is There any Healthy Benefits of Anger?

Anyone can be Anger. Anger is easy. However, angry at the right people, with the appropriate level, at the right time, for the right purpose, and in a good way, not the easy thing.
Anger is arguably one of the basic emotions of human beings, when we encounter a threat, then we can feel angry and then fight (fight) instead of always afraid, and fled (flight). Despite this very broad evolutionary usefulness, now all the world’s major institutions (including religion) consider anger as animal instincts that must be controlled. Certainly not easy to do, and even people who claim to even the most civilized always have the possibility to ‘explode’ one day. But if we are angry in a controlled portion (also on target), apparently there is a side benefit that we can feel. Check out the following research
Here’s some facts about mad or anger you need to know:

Top 6 Benefits of Anger :

1. According to Charles Spielberger, PhD, a psychologist who specializes in the study of anger. Anger is a normal and healthy behavior that is as a form of expression of human emotions. As with other forms of emotion, anger is also followed by biological and psychological changes. When you are angry, pulse rate and blood pressure increases, so does the level of hormones, adrenaline and noradrenaline.
2. Mark Gorkin-a stress and violence prevention consultant-dividing anger in four categories; angry deliberate, spontaneous angry (angry vicarious suddenly), constructive angry (angry as well as threats against others) and destructive angry (anger spilled without guilt).
3. Angry is also a form of communication. Because sometimes someone else just understand the meaning to be conveyed when we are angry. Form submission can be angry varies depending on the environmental and socio-cultural conditions that shape it. In Japan, people are often silent when angry because the Japanese people are not used to express his feelings.
4. Angry is human. Angry that could be bad is unmanaged anger. Conversely, if you are able to manage anger appropriately, then the expression will only nourish your anger. This has been proven in a study that states would be better than angry harbored feelings of annoyance.
5. How mad is that healthy? That anger is not reasonable because of subjective factors alone. Throw anger or annoyance you naturally have. Convey, a major cause aggravation it. Not angry just follow the explosive emotion, then took it through words, expressions and rough treatment as this may harm other people. To that end, in anger we must prioritize ratio. So the anger is so much more controllable
6. For those of you who had to spit often angry for no good reason, there is 4 steps to do:
– Identify errors and establishment attitudes that affect a person becomes excessively angry. When you have identified and corrected this error, you will generally be easier to control anger.
– Identify the factors of childhood that hinders the ability to express anger. These factors include fear, denial and ignorance.
– Learn the proper way to express anger so as to keep control of a situation that can lead to anger, even more effectively.
– Closing the wounds that may be left by the emotional impact of the devastating fury
does not mean we have to get angry
Although the studies above show the positive effects of anger, it does not mean that we can then get angry as much and wishes. Explosive anger, intense and prolonged had been known to cause high blood pressure, heart disease, lung problems, and wound healing is longer. But in pressing situations in which an angry reaction can be ‘justified’, angry at a lower rate can be controlled and brief responses of healthy and adaptive.
Anyone can be mad. Anger is easy. However, angry at the right people, with the appropriate level, at the right time, for the right purpose, and in a good way, not the easy thing.
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