Benefits Children Playing with Animals

The Benefits of Children Playing with Animals

Benefits Children Playing with Animals

Benefits Children Playing with Animals

To your parents, do not worry if your toddler play with the touch even animals such as cats, rabbits, or dogs. Therefore, it will only give you a lot of benefits for growth, what are they?

According to the pediatrician, Dr. Soedjatmiko, playing with animals is one form of stimulation to explore. “So, children will learn a variety of unique animals through visual skills, auditory, cognitive, sensory, and emotion,” he said when met at FX Sudirman, Tuesday (2/7). He also said that there are some benefits to be gained through interaction with animals children namely:

Top 3 Benefits Children Playing with Animals

1. Child care in animals will be in line with empathy in humans.

2. Through interaction with animals, children will learn about the emotional and social skills. So that, the bias we see a lot of animals used in the treatment of children with special needs.

3. Behave towards animals will steer human behavior in the future.

To that end, Dr. Soedjatmiko has advised that parents begin to introduce the kedil to animals from an early age. “Start by touching the fur, hear sounds, and of course see firsthand. Do not forget to adjust the form of interaction with the child’s age, “he explained. “Do not forget also, pay attention to the level of danger the animals. Alert to the possibility of biting and scratching, “he remembers.

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