Back Muscle Exercises to Cure Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a disorder that causes an abnormal curvature of the spine. The reason there are several factors, the first is genetic or hereditary factors, the second is an accident, and the third was injured during exercise.

Another cause of scoliosis is unequal leg lengths so that when he was doing one exercise, then the burden will rest on one particular side.

Cure Scoliosis with back muscle exercise

Cure Scoliosis with back muscle exercise
Cure Scoliosis with back muscle exercise @shutterstock
If a person has been convicted of having scoliosis is the thing to do is to conduct a detailed examination of the condition of health of the person concerned in order to know what activities can be done to reduce or even cure scoliosis.

Swim into one sport that can be done to relieve the pain of scoliosis. It must be remembered that people with scoliosis have a body that is out of balance, most powerful and the other weak.

There are several exercises that could be an option for patients with scoliosis. However, you should do regular checkups and consult a doctor if the following exercise is safe for you.

1. back up
The trick, lie face down and raised both arms and legs together.

2. Cobra stretch
It could also try the cobra exercise by lying face down, both hands and lift the weight of the body.

3. Alternate superman
That is by lying face down, arms straight above your head and legs alternately swung like swimming. With this you can train your back muscles without the need to swim.

The entire series of exercises can be done 20-30 minutes. Warm up first so that the muscles become flexible.

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