Avoid stress by breathing this way

Working too hard often times make you feel suffocated and could not breathe. In fact, breathing properly is indispensable for the circulation and blood circulation in the body.

Quoted from Huffingtonpost,  The following are some ways to breathe you can do to relieve stress at work :

1. Breathing in the Morning
You can set the alarm 10 minutes before you get out of bed. Then, sit on the bed in a comfortable position and keep your eyes closed. With voice, drag and exhale from the belly. Do it over and over again to get even more comfort.

2. Breathing and Your Mind Suggestion
When traveling, driving or working at home remember to breathe. With a deep breath, you can reduce the stress of the moment. Inhale through your nose to the count of three, hold for a moment, and exhale to a count of three or more and think that you are in a state of peace.

3. Breathing with Anchor Position
Before starting a job, it helps if you set the rhythm for the day. Sit comfortably in a chair with the spine to enforce, given the state of the shoulders relaxed and your head aligned with the spine, as well as position the chin parallel to the floor. Then, place your right hand on your stomach. Take a deep breath to
diaphragm and breathe.

4. Provide energy to your Middle Day
At mid- day there was a lot of air that can be discarded. Sit upright in a chair, open your mouth and make a gasping sound with each inhalation and breathing then shut your mouth. Do this repeatedly for 10 seconds, stop and repeat again. But if you feel dizzy, stop.

5. Do not Forget, Close Your Day with Breathing
Having tired with all the work in the office, try this breathing technique to end the day. Sit in a chair with spine straight and close your eyes. Focus on your spine. Start breathing with the stomach. You can use your imagination and imagine the breath goes into every part of the body.

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