Apparently, Men Can Also Experiencing whitish!

Every woman would experience vaginal discharge. This discharge as a defense mechanism of the body, and gives moisture to the vaginal area. Only, complaints or conditions may differ whiteness.

Well, it turns out, The whitish not only occurs in women. Men can also experience whitish. The difference, whitish fluid in men is definitely not normal and a sign of disease. “Because, normally male was dry damp, not wet,” explains dermatologist and sex of the Royal Hospital Taruma Jakarta, Dr. Natalia Primadonna, SpKK.

Whitish fluid in men is commonly called gonorrhea is due to venereal disease gonorrhea (GO), it could be due to nonspecific bacterial infections which appear simultaneously with gonorrhea. Amounts can be a lot, or it could be a little bit.

Symptoms in men are whitish discharge whitish with a yellowish color as head of milk, with a texture that can be condensed or liquid. This complaint, it could happen with symptoms of pain or itching, but may also be asymptomatic.

Typically, GO transmitted due to unhealthy sexual relationships. When it hit, it is important to check with laboratoium, before deciding the pattern of treatment.

“If not treated, will continue into the pockets of the scrotum so reddened, swollen, and hot. If it does not descend into the scrotum and remain in the shaft of the penis, when erect it will be sore. If it does not run into the scrotum, could run into the prostate, “said Natalia.

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