Amygdaline Health Benefits is to Cure Cancer

The Benefits of Amygdaline or Vitamin B17 to Cure Cancer

Vitamin B17 is also called amygdaline which is effective vitamin in the treatment of cancer since the 18th century. But until now the research and evidence will be those cases cured cancer treatment using vitamin B17 has not shown strong evidence. Even so, knowing the benefits and functions would further insights you gain will make various kinds of vitamins that can we consume for the health of the body.

Vitamin B17 Against Cancer
Amygdaline are glycosides. So as to bond with sugars and other nutrients glycosides are often used in medicine to facilitate decomposition and absorption in the body. So that vitamin B17 was used in the consumption of drugs today. If vitamin B17 is extracted, it is called Laetrile, which is often used in the treatment of cancer. But how can vitamin B17 against cancer cells?

In the previous study, taking vitamin B17 can increase the body’s ability to fight cancer. Although not discovered independently that vitamin B17 is enough fighting cancer. Must be accompanied by proper diet, taking medicines, and also exercise regularly. 

In the laboratory test is said that vitamin B17 is apparently working on an ongoing basis with vitamins A, C, E, and B15, pancreatic enzymes, and other enzymes in breaking down the cancer cells in the body.

Vitamin B17 Lowering High Blood Pressure
When a person has hypertension or high blood pressure, then the activity was disrupted, and also no longer be able to eat any kind of food. Can even lead to stroke and heart disease. It is true that more research apparently unable to find an association of high blood pressure decrease with regular intake of vitamin B17 and high enough dose. 

However, the use of vitamin B17 for hypertension is not recommended if you have not consulted your doctor. Due to the increase in drug hypertension with vitamin B17 resulted in the possibility of hypotension.

Vitamin B17 Strengthens the Immune System
In our life, the body is not necessarily free from all kinds of interference from outside. Good food, drink, and air we breathe everyday. To that end, the body has an immune system which helps in the reduction of the occurrence of human illness and unstable bodily functions. 

Especially the joints, nerves, and cells associated with the immune system. When the immune system is strengthened, so as rheumatic diseases can be overcome. Of course once again in the daily consumption of vitamin B17 supplements (not the natural food), are required to first consult your doctor.

Vitamin B17 Reduce Inflammation
What is inflammation? Inflammation is inflammation in the body. So as to prevent that, vitamin B17 is very useful. Turns vitamin B17 has the function of reducing pain and inflammation in the body and increase trypsin and chymotrypsin. Where both substances can stimulate white blood cells to attack the cancer cells (cell disease) in the body. 

Keep in mind also the body inflammation is also closely related to immunity. Of course the real disease is caused by the inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn’s disease, resulting in the consumption of vitamin B17 helps to reduce and even prevent inflammation. Because the dosage to get the function of vitamin B17 is very high, more so consult your doctor first.

Vitamin B17 Regulate body pH
If you do not already know, our body’s pH ranged from 7.35 to 7.45. If the pH of the body is abnormal, less can be more than normal then the body can suffer poisoning, organ failure in the body, until death without cause and without a chance to be handled. 

Many theories and opinions as well as research on the body’s pH. In physical sight, a state body pH changes can not be seen. But if someone has diarrhea or hyperventilation, the normal pH of the body can be disrupted. So with the regular consumption of vitamin B17 can re balance the body’s pH has changed. Once again, consult a doctor for the use of vitamin B17 in large doses.
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