Advantages and disadvantages of detoks

After freeing himself eating a variety of foods and beverages, the idea to do a ” clean-up” the body through a detox sounds good. Abstain from eating anything but fruit and vegetable juices, apparently healthy.

Some stores that provide food and beverage products claim to detox detox diet is not just the toxins removed, but the skin will be more shiny, healthy digestion, and improving mental health.

But we should not believe in myths or claims that can not have a scientific basis. Should Arm yourself with the right information.

– What is poison ?
Every day we get chemicals from food ( dyes, or preservatives ), water ( chlorine ), or air ( carbon monoxide ). ” Toxins can accumulate in the body and cause inflammation and weaken the immune system, ” says Susan Blum, director of the Blum Center for Health.

That is why, according to him, we are so easily affected by chronic illnesses such as headaches, arthritis, or asthma. Actually, the body has a liver organ or kidney to filter and remove waste and toxins. But some people believe modern lifestyles lead to higher exposure to chemicals so that the organ could not clean it.

– The theory behind detox
Doing a detox diet is quite simple, we replace all meals and snacks with fruit juice and vegetables (preferably organic ) for 3-7 days.

The idea departs from the understanding that when our bodies are relieved of his duties digest solid foods, they become more efficient to remove toxins.

The experts agree that fruit and vegetable juices contain many nutrients. But do not pembersihkan 3-7 days magically able to increase the body’s natural ability to eliminate toxins.

” Actually, we can remove toxins at any time if we eat properly because it will help the body to function optimally, ” said Joel Fuhrman, author of Eat to Live.

– Lose weight ?
Of course the weight will fall if we do the detox. But mostly just ” water weight “. When we eat solid food, especially carbohydrates, the body needs to store water in order to digest properly. When we remove the water and food, of course the weight will drop.

The problem is, when we went back to eating solid food, the water will come back again. In some people, for detox actually increase the desire to snack so that when they break free detox finished eating anything.

– Side effects
Detox diet in a short time basically harmless. Maybe you just feel dizzy and a little limp. Experts do not recommend detox on people who are in therapy treatment. For example, high blood pressure or diabetes patients. Detox is also not recommended for children and pregnant or lactating mothers.

” For good health, we not only need to reduce exposure to chemicals, but also supplies the body with necessary nutrients, ” said Blum.

That’s why, he said with a juice detox is just one part in a healthy diet that consists of reducing processed foods, good quality protein, and include fruits and vegetables in the daily diet.

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