a Million Benefits of Seed Plants

Seed plants often called black cumin spice plants that can be used as a medicinal plant. Plants Seed also known as others such as Black Cumin or Fitch (from the Bible), Black Seed or Love in the Mist or Black Carraway Seed or Habbatul Baraka (UK and USA), Kalonji, Azmut, Streaks, AOF, and Aosetta ( Urdu, Hindi, Sri Lanka), Syuniz / Shonaiz, Al-Habbah Al-Sawda, Habbet el-Baraka and Khondria (Persia and Pakistan) and Nigella sativa (botanical name of plants numenklature).
Seed is one of the medicinal plants, including how the Prophet’s treatment, in the form of black beans that have been known for thousands of years ago and is widely used by the people of India, Pakistan, Egypt, and the countries of the middle east other to treat various diseases.
Ibn Sina is a genius researcher of the Middle East in the field of medicine whose names are recorded in all history books eastern and western medicine, lived between 980 – 1037 AD, has been researching the various benefits of Black Seed for health and medicine. Ancient Greek physicians, Dioscoredes, in the first century AD have also noted the benefits of Black Seed to treat headaches and respiratory tract.
Benefits of Black Seed /
Black Cumin
  • Black Cumin can Increase the number of milk
Seed / black cumin can increase the amount of milk in nursing mothers due to the combination of the elements and structure of lipid hormones contained therein. In addition, black cumin also contains arginine which is important for the growth of infants.To increase the production of breast milk, nursing mothers can take half a teaspoon of oil or Seed extract, three times a day. Better yet, when mixed with one tablespoon of honey every time.
  •     Black Cumin  as Inflammatory drug
Thymoquinine the Seed is an effective anti-inflammatory drugs. You can use oil as an ointment Seed on inflamed acne. To prevent acne and smooth the skin, take one tablespoon of olive oil and mix with half a teaspoon of oil habbatusaudda. Rub on the face and wash the face with soap water after an hour later.
  •     Black Cumin  As Cancer Drugs
Fatty acids in black cumin can inhibit cancer development. Black cumin stimulate productivity and bone marrow cell immunity and interferon production, protects normal cells against cell destroying viruses and against tumor cells without damaging healthy cells.

For cancer treatment, mix one glass grape juice and half a teaspoon of Black Seed Oil. Drink three times a day. Treatment may last for forty days. In addition, you can also rub the oil on the affected Seed cancer for two weeks.
  •     Black Cumin  Could Boost the Immune System.
Black cumin can boost immunity, especially in patients with impaired immune systems. According to research, 1 gram Seed capsules, twice daily for four weeks can improve T-cell ratio between positive and negative up to 72%. Increased immunity plays an important role in the healing of colds, influenza, AIDS, and other diseases related to the immune system.
  •     Black Cumin as Sources of nutrition
Seed containing beta-carotene (pro-vitamin A), calcium, iron, sodium and potassium. Although needed in very small amounts by the body, these elements serve as cofactors in various enzyme functions. Black cumin also has eight of the nine essential amino acids. Essential amino acids can not be synthesized in our bodies that need to be taken outside.
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