9 secret benefits of ginger

Ginger often we use as seasoning food and traditional medicines. Of herbs, cosmetics, to drink. Ginger does have a lot of health benefits.

  9 Efficacy of Ginger as Medicine are:

1. Treating coughs and colds
Antiviral, anti-fungal, and antitoxin owned ginger to help treat coughs and colds. Ginger also prevent and treat colds in winter and rainy season.

2. Ginger Treating upset stomach
After a great meal stomach sometimes feels fullness because glut. Drink warm ginger, because it helps the process of digestion. Ginger also serves to cleanse the colon, increasing the production of digestive juices and facilitate defecation.

3. Prevent Cancer
Ginger is extracted is also able to inhibit the growth of various types of cancer cells. Enzymes stimulate prostate cancer prevention, and prevent the growth of colon cancer. Ginger extract was also able to stop the spread of skin cancer cells, lung, kidney, and pancreas.

4. Relieves swelling and tenderness
Ginger also has antiinflammatory properties to effectively reduce pain in arthritis.

5. Cure Migraine
Ginger can stop prostaglandins, causes of pain in the head. Therefore, ginger can reduce migraine.

6. Prevent irregular menstrual cycles
Ginger can give the effect of a regular menstrual cycle for women. While in China, ginger and brown sugar mixed into tea is widely consumed to reduce menstrual cramps.

7. Treating morning sickness
Nausea, bloating and want to throw up in the morning experienced by pregnant women can be cured with herbs ginger.

8. Preventing toothache
With ginger water drinking habits can reduce painful gums and toothache. Because ginger has antifungal and antibacterial properties.

9. Lowering cholesterol
Finally, ginger proven to reduce cholesterol levels, in addition to be cleaning up the blood. Heart attacks and blood clots can be prevented with ginger.

    Healthy Benefits Of Ginger
    Did you know About Ginger? Ginger can have up to 2 meters high

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