9 Benefits of Making Love during Pregnancy

Sex during pregnancy is safe and does not threaten the safety of your unborn child, as long as this activity is done with no excessive. About the benefits, if you already know? Here is an explanation by whattoexpect.com

Here are 9 Benefits of Making Love during Pregnancy :

1. Orgasm more easily
Because blood flows more smoothly towards your reproductive organs, then the orgasm becomes easier your accomplishments. In fact, some women claim that they have an orgasm feels really great during pregnancy, while.

2. burning calories

With a love for 30 minutes you burn 50 calories in your body. So, sex can be the help that fear of becoming overweight during pregnancy.

3. prevent preeclampsia
This fun activity can be shown to reduce blood pressure so that you avoid preeclampsia.

4. Reducing pain
Orgasm triggers the body to produce hormones oxytocin which later serves as pine tolerance when you undergo the process of care delivery.

5. Improving the quality of sleep
The body becomes relaxed after orgasm until you sleep too much quality and the fetus was also benefiting from it. With the quality of sleep, you will see more fresh and lackluster during pregnancy.

6. Strengthen the immune system
A study finds that love can raise the levels of IgA, which is an antibody that helps fight the flu and other ailments.

7. Accelerate the process of recovery after childbirth
Orgasm happens during pregnancy can help prepare pelvic floor to give birth later to be able to accelerate post-natal recovery.

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