6 reasons why tea is better than coffee

Most of the people including you always start the day with a cup of tea or coffee. Both of these drinks contain caffeine which will keep your energy and enthusiasm increased dramatically in the morning. As a result, you will more easily focus in living activities.

But things below may make you think to replace your breakfast menu of a cup of coffee to the cup of tea.

1. Coffee keeps you awake while the tea is not
The amount of caffeine in coffee more than tea. It can keep you awake and disturb your sleep schedule.

2. Coffee leaves a stain on the teeth
Have you ever watched the coffee drinkers tooth color ? Coffee can make your teeth yellow. But if you drink up to 4 cups of tea a day then it will not leave stains on teeth.

3. Tea is better than coffee for pregnant women
Coffee can cause constipation for pregnant women. But tea may not cause constipation. Moreover, the content of antioxidants in tea can make your heart healthy and your baby.

4. Tea prevents cancer
Tea may help improve blood circulation, prevents blood clot, and the most important is the tea may prevent breast cancer and ovarian cancer in women.

5. Tea can improve your health
Tea will make you avoid some viral infections as well as fever, cough, and runny nose. Besides tea is rich in flavanoids that can make a person recover faster than fever.

6. Tea suppress your appetite
Often feel hungry all of a sudden ? Tea can help suppress your appetite and you also avoid gaining weight drastically.

Not only delicious, tea was apparently superior to the copies in certain things. So if you are going to switch from coffee cup to a cup of tea ?

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    1. author

      Glan Deas6 years ago

      But I prefer coffee instead of tea. It is more beneficial than tea. It control weight, give glow on face, gives mental relaxation too.

      Kopi Luwak

    2. author

      Finn Felton6 years ago

      I object, coffee is more useful for students who need to stay awake late night to study for the exams. While tea doesn't help you in that way.

      Finn Felton
      Kopi Luwak


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