5 health benefits of lettuce

Usually lettuce is usually used as an ingredient in a vegetable salad, sandwich, lettuce have nutritional benefits for health. You can choose the type of lettuce based on color. The greener the lettuce the better for consumption.

Here are 5 health benefits of lettuce :

1. Source of Vitamin A

Lettuce acts as a source of vitamins. The lettuce was fresh and raw it contains a lot of vitamin A and beta carotene.

Vitamin A helps keep the skin to remain healthy and help to maintain vision.

2. Helps Prevent Macula (degeneration)

Lettuce contains zeaxanthin which help improve eyesight due to easy diaerap by retinal macula lutea. Zeaxanthin has antioxidant properties and helps prevent age-related macular disease.

This substance also helps the occurrence of cataracts. While flavonoids in lettuce help prevent lung cancer and mouth.

3. Strengthen Bones

Consuming lettuce can help strengthen bones. The content of vitamin K in lettuce increased bone mass and increased bone osteotrophic activity which helps prevent osteoporosis.

Vitamin K also reduces brain damage and help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

4. Improve Fertility

Lettuce contains lots of folate and vitamin C. Folate helps maintain the health of the fetus during pregnancy and reduce the possibility of complications, it also helps in improving reproductive health in men and women.

Vitamin C boosts the immune system and help fight infection.

5. Mineral resources

Lettuce is a rich source of various kinds of minerals such as iron, manganese, copper, calcium, magnesium, and potassium which increases the rate of metabolism in the body.

Potassium is an important vascodilutor which helps maintain blood pressure and improve heart health by regulating the fluid balance in the body.

Calcium strengthens the teeth and bones. Copper and iron producing red blood cells in the body.


Thus 5 heaalth benefits lettuce very useful for human health. Lettuce is very beneficial for your health, but lettuce is one of the vegetables that are most vulnerable to pesticide exposure.

Therefore, make sure you wash lettuce in cold water before cooking or eating straight.

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