5 Benefits of Ice Cream

The Benefits of Ice Cream

No need to fear taking this one menu . Since the ice cream is actually rich content useful . Call it as energy , protein , healthy fat that is still needed by the body .

Sure, 10 % is the fat content of ice cream , but it does not mean that all fats are bad . Fat contained in the ice cream is good fat that does not cause obesity .

The frozen food has a soft texture that melts on the tongue and leaves a sweet taste . The main ingredient is made from milk , cream , emulsifiers , stabilizers , flavorings and extracts , ice cream serving at least 110-130 calories and energy from 2.5 to 3 grams of protein for every 100 gram dose .

Because the content of lactoferrin and cytokines , eating ice cream is actually good for improving immune body , and combating influenza virus .

Ok , here is a summary of the Ice Cream Benefits of eating ice cream as quoted from tipshealthypeople .

Ice Cream Benefit 1
The content of calcium in ice cream can help maintain bone density , prevent osteoporosis , prevent cancer and prevent high blood pressure .

Ice Cream Benefit 2
The high nutrient and fat content of ice cream is not fattening . Energy content helps daily energy needs and accounts for only 15 % fat alone .

Eating ice cream with a sufficient amount will not make you fat or obese anyway .

Ice Cream Benefit 3
Generally when colds should not use cold – cold . But the ice cream does not cause colds or flu . Instead of ice cream will be able to improve the body’s immune and healing the flu on the body .

Ice cream also melts faster when meeting with the body temperature , and not as cold as ice water . So it is safe to consume even the flu .

Ice Cream Benefits 4
There lactoferrin content that serves as antiviral agents against a variety of viruses such as cytomegalovirus , influenza and HIV.

Ice Cream Benefits 5
Ice cream is a healthy snack that can be served in a certain portion of that will help the diet and actually lose weight . The point is to eat a balanced , and so it needs enough nutrients and good fats help prevent heart disease .

No need to prohibit yourself deh ladies eating ice cream. Served in proper portions, then the ice cream will make your body healthy.

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