4 pressure points to relieve stress

Do not like the use of drugs to relieve stress? You might be able to try other means such as meditation. However, not everyone can meditate and get the desired results. If you want to relieve stress and feel relaxed quickly, you can try the four-point massage in a way that suggested by Your Tango.

1. Pressure on the abdomen to relieve anxiety
Place the tip of your finger in both hands between the navel and the bottom of the breastbone. Gently apply pressure to the inside and strong upward. You lean forward to push deeper into the abdomen. After that, breathe deeply for one minute.

2. Pressure on the tailbone to relieve anxiety
Place your third finger on the flat section at the end of the collarbone. Press firmly and slowly. Then breathe deeply for one minute.

3. Pressure point on the buttocks to relieve stress

When you stand up, clench your fists, and hit on the ass end. If you lie on your back, then you can bend your knees and put his fist or the palm of the hand under the rump. After it swung to the right and left knees, knuckles while you press the point firmly massage the buttocks.

4. The area between the eyebrows and the breastbone to defuse anger
Place the tip of your right middle finger in between the eyebrows and use the fingertips of your left hand to touch the middle of the chest bone. Press gently. Close your eyes and breathe deeply a part that you press for a minute.

That is some kind of pressure on the four-point massage that can help you relieve stress, frustration, and anger quickly. Good luck!

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