4 Great Phase That Occurs in the Body During Sleep

Most people think of sleep as a time of rest. Not a few also thought that the time was just a waste of time because they are not active and productive while sleep. In fact the body is a complicated process when a person is asleep.

When sleeping, the body also do a lot of work. When you are asleep, the body actually did a great process so that you stay healthy when you woke the next morning. Actually, what are the ‘ miracle ‘ that made ​​your body while sleeping ?

Researchers divide sleep into three phases. Each phase takes about 90 minutes. This means you have five rotation phases if sleep for 7.5 to eight hours. Here are some of the complicated processes that occur in your body during sleep.

1. 1st phase
The first phase is the phase between sleep and consciousness began to fall asleep. It is easy to awaken in the first phase, and if you wake up in this phase, you will feel not sleep at all. In this phase, the body starts working to make the muscles calm and relaxed. Your eyes move slowly in this phase, which is referred to as ‘ slow eye movement ‘. In the meantime, you can also experience a shock when he suddenly woke up in this phase.

2. phase two
An assistant professor at the University of Pennsylvania, Philip Gehrman second phase named as ‘ the middle of the bed ‘. That is, you are not too easy to wake up, but also not really falling asleep when this phase. The body spends almost half the night in this phase. As you move from phase one to phase two, the body will begin to lose awareness of their surroundings.

Based on the National Sleep Foundation, in phase two the body temperature will decrease. Once the heart rate and blood pressure will decrease. The body begins to adjust and brain waves begin to slow down. When present, the heart and vascular system will repair itself and rest. It also explains how getting enough sleep is very important for heart and cardiovascular health.

3. phase three
This is the phase when sleep more soundly. In this phase, brain waves are very slow and down. Breath slowed along with decreased blood pressure. After that, the blood flow in the muscles or tissues in need of repair. To that end, this phase is very important for your health and the health of the recovery, because the body is repairing itself. If a person has a disease such as sleep walking, sleep, delirium, and other such abnormalities would appear at this stage. The third phase is also the time when one is most difficult to be woken up. This is because in this phase a person very deep sleep. Researchers reveal that this phase took 20 percent of the overall quota of sleep.

4. REM sleep
REM sleep ( Rapid Eye Movement ) phase of sleep is unique. This is because the state of the brain during REM sleep is similar to the waking brain. REM called because it is at this stage, the eyes move quickly, just like when we woke up. So also with breathing, heart rate, and more. When REM sleep, the muscles of the body paralyzed and you usually do not move. REM sleep usually occurs in the first half of the night and have a quota of 20 percent of total sleep time.

Those are some things that happen when you are asleep. Unlike many estimates, it remains active body to repair damaged muscle and tissue when sleeping. The body was adjusting to the environment automatically. With the above information, you know how wonderful the workings of our body when to sleep as well as the importance of sleep for health.

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