3 Bad Habits in Exercise

Health and fit is not just owned, but is the result of a healthy lifestyle including regular exercise run. Running regular exercise is actually not a difficult thing. Small changes in daily habits can have an adverse impact overall health.

Well, to start a change to a more regular exercise, try to consider our current habits will try to do the exercise. Are we still doing the bad habits that are detrimental to health ?

Here are three bad habits that need to be removed in order to obtain a more healthy lifestyle, especially for a running exercise routine.

1. Exercising only if mood
Tired after a return to work is often used as an excuse to be lazy to exercise. In fact, the more often we do something, the more we liked it. That is beginning to make a healthy habit.

The more we thought tired to start doing something, the more tired we are. Even in a study in Psychology Bulletin, researchers found that more than 90 percent of participants who undertake regular exercise program reported improvements in their ability to focus and fight fatigue. That is, should not the reason we are tired of not exercising, because exercise can actually repel tired.

2. Forgetting weekend
Most people who have a healthy life to make the weekend as their cheat day. Although the cheat day is still needed to pep leading a healthy lifestyle, but there needs to be limits.

Not that the current cheat day, we forget all the healthy habits that have been built before. When the weekend was, actually we can work more freely and varied. Try to exercise in the open space. In addition to making healthy, exercise in the open space would be an interesting experience in itself because not necessarily every day we can do it.

3. affected friend
Being in an environment that does not support it seems it is difficult to create a healthy lifestyle for yourself. In fact, a long-term study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that people tend to be obese when their environment is full of people who are obese as well.

However, as long as there is no intention of us to want to transform into a more healthy lifestyle, we are actually able to affect the environment. Try to come to a fitness class with a friend, and make a commitment to help each other fight the unhealthy lifestyle. A study showed that a healthy lifestyle with colleagues will increase the opportunity for success.

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