Monthly: March 2013

Healthy Benefits of Jogging

To have a fit body and a strong stamina is not difficult, there are simple things but has huge benefits for our health, that is jogging. yah morning jogging for 20 minutes can provide tremendous benefits for your body, very unusual indeed benefits of jogging. What are the benefits of jogging? 1. Burn fat For

Benefits Of Pull Ups

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The fitness mania would have been very familiar with this one exercise. Pull ups exercise is also often used in military exercises. Although easy to do, but much to be gained by doing this exercise. Strong backs and trained to make the body look much more great. In addition, a strong back muscles will improve

Healthy Benefits of Love

Falling in love can be healthy for the condition, must be stable and always feel comfortable. Whether you’re in love? According to researchers, the love is sincere and pure emotion that can nourish the body. Is this true? The following six health benefits of love: 1. More happier“Being in a relationship allows your body to

Sneezing Healthy Benefits

Everyone must have experienced Sneezing or sternutation but most of them assume that a sneeze is a disease that does not like it, on this occasion I will explain that sneeze have something positive effect for our body, like to what is it? Benefits of Sneezing   We need to know all that sneezing is

Benefits of Anaerobic Exercise

What is Anaerobic Exercise?Anaerobic means without oxygen.Anaerobic exercise is intense exercise performed to achieve the speed, power, and greater durability. Examples of anaerobic exercise such as weight lifting, push-ups, pull-ups, and other physical exercises that lasted less than 2 minutes. In anaerobic exercise, the cells do not get enough oxygen to the fat burning process,

Benefits Of Push ups

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Push ups is lightweight and effective exercise to build muscle arms and chest. Push ups are also useful to strengthen the arm and abdominal muscles. But push-ups wrong attitude just does not bring any benefit even worse effects on the body. So how does the correct position of push-ups? Here are tips on doing push