102 Efficacy and Benefits of Yoghurt

Before discussing the properties of the functions and benefits yohurt or yogurt for health we should know what is yogurt?. Yogurt is one of the dairy products that are processed through fermentation with the addition of a good culture of organisms, one of which is lactic acid bacteria have hundreds of drug efficacy. 

This 102 Efficacy and Benefits of Yoghurt / Yogurt for Health:

1. As a good source of probiotic bacteria for the gut
2. Weight control
3. Slimming body, those who are overweight
4. Strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis
5. Cleanse the digestive tract
6. Launching defecation (BAB)
7. Stimulate the activity of the digestive tract
8. Helping height growth for children and adolescents
9. Prevent, treat leucorrhoea visit kreasimasakan. blogspot. com
10. Healthy vagina, vaginal pH stabilizes
11. Sources of supply of calcium during period / menstruation
12. Sources of magnesium are good for the body
13. Alternative sources of milk for people with lactose intolerance (milk unsuitable)
14. Refreshing body
15. Optimizing metabolism
16. Preventing diseases due to climate change
17. Good for heart health
18. Good for the health of the liver, kidneys, stomach and intestines
19. Healthy Skin
20. Helps absorption of nutrients to the brain
21. Trust launch period / menstruation
22. Helps relieve pain during menstruation / menstrual
23. Believed to help normalize irregular menstruation
24. Good for pregnant women, the source of calcium and magnesium during pregnancy
25. Strengthen bones fetus in the womb
26. Good for nursing mothers, improving the quality and quantity of breast milk
27. Calcium 100% organic yogurt that can be absorbed by the body perfectly
28. Believed to improve sleep quality
29. Helps nourish the body throughout the day, especially during hot weather
30. Good for people who are in the process of healing
31. Believed to relieve stress
32. Can be used as a mask to smooth facial
33. Believed to brighten skin
34. Nutritional content than whole milk
35. Help lower bad cholesterol
36. Believed to help lower blood pressure in hypertensive patients
37. Maintaining healthy nails
38. Good for people with broken bones
39. Believed to prolong life
40. As an antioxidant free-radical scavengers
41. Believed to cleanse the body of toxic metabolic waste sludge
42. Prevent gastrointestinal cancer and colon cancer
43. Believed to prevent bone cancer, prostate cancer
44. Believed to prevent breast cancer, cervical cancer
45. Believed to prevent various types of tumors
46. Healthy gastric mucosal wall
47. Source of various enzymes that are good for human health
48. As a young drink
49. Healthy Hair
50. Increase endurance when the weather is very hot
51. Helps relieve / suppress inflammation
52. Prevent / alleviate heartburn
53. Maintaining reproductive health
54. Accelerate recovery when tired because strenuous activity
55. Maintaining oral health
56. Nourish the organs of the body’s hormonal
57. Helps to increase muscle mass for athletes
58. Believed to increase fertility of male and female reproductive
59. Believed to reduce bad breath
60. Reduce vaginal odor
61. Helps maintain healthy joints
62. Increases elasticity of blood vessels
63. Can be used as a flavoring salad menu
64. Suitable for vegetarians consumed
65. As a mixture of a healthful cuisine
66. It is believed to help suppress some types of viral infections
67. If you diligently consume yogurt since his youth, believed to prevent premature senility
68. The best source of calcium for women entering menopause
69. Body healthy postmenopausal women
70. Believed to suppress hair loss
71. Maintaining the health of the nervous system
72. Believed to be able to keep your memory brain cells
73. Believed to suppress allergic
74. Maintaining healthy lungs
75. Maintaining brain health
76. Maintaining healthy red blood cells
77. Believed to relieve insomnia (trouble sleeping)
78. It is believed to relieve vertigo
79. Neither drink for people with asthma
80. Effective against Candida albicans yeast infections
81. Relieves diarrhea
82. Soften hard faeces
83. Pressing attack bacteria E.  coli
84. Helps relieve working liver during the detoxification process
85. Believed to suppress acne
86. Both smokers consumed an active / passive
87. Both consumed people undergoing drug rehabilitation
88. Both are consumed alcohol rehab
89. Good for the people who live in areas of high air pollution
90. Both consumed the person undergoing therapy backbone
91. Both are consumed by post-operative healing
92. Plain yogurt (no sugar) is good for diabetics
93. It is believed to help relieve arthritis
94. Improving the quality of sperm cells
95. Improving the quality of the hair roots
96. Believed to be good for people with autism
97. Believed to be good for the development of children’s brain cells
98. As a milk substitute for kids who do not like milk
99. In lieu of milk for adults who do not like milk
100. Supposedly able to improve erectile dysfunction
101. Good for anemia (lack of blood)
102. It is said to boost sexual desire

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      Chondon Chondro6 years ago

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