10 Things Slow Burn Calories Capabilities

Basically the human body has its own mechanism to burn intake calories. Each cell in the body has a role to convert food into energy to keep the body’s system continues to run well.

The faster your metabolism, the more calories burned. Unfortunately, there are also things that slow down the body’s metabolism. This is what makes the calories we eat are not completely converted into energy thereby increasing body fat. So that your metabolism does not slow, then avoid the following 10 Things Slow Burn Calories Capabilities.

1. Irregular eating
A study in 2012 showed that rats fed with an irregular schedule gained weight faster than rats fed on a regular schedule. The researchers suspect, eat at the same time each day will make the body burn more calories in between meals.

2. Eating food contaminated with pesticides
Organochlorine chemicals present in pesticides, can disrupt the body’s metabolism so eating food contaminated with pesticides will make us more difficult to lose weight. So make sure the vegetables and fruits are eaten pesticide-free, or at least not always clean the food with the correct procedure before being eaten.

3. lack of sleep
Studies show that people who sleep less have a slower metabolism than those who get enough sleep. The study also found that lack of sleep makes you burn calories as much as when the body is not getting enough sleep.

4. Iron deficiency
Iron helps carry oxygen to the muscles. If the levels of iron in the body is too low, then the muscles will not receive enough oxygen and the metabolism slows down. Therefore, the consumption of iron-rich meal such as beans and dark green vegetables can speed up metabolism.

5. Eating too little
When skip meals, the body becomes starved and automatically slow the rate of metabolism.

6. Sitting too long
Silent in the same position as it sits even just for 20 minutes was able to block the metabolism.

7. jet lag
Time controls the body’s biological cells to perform metabolism. When the rhythm is impaired due to different travel time zones that make jet lag, then the function of the cell body was not running properly, including metabolic functions.

8. Not enough calcium
Calcium has a role to regulate fat metabolism. So a diet high in calcium will help burn more fat.

9. dehydration
All cells in the body systems depend on water, including metabolism. If the body is dehydrated, the body to metabolize two percent slower than when hydrated.

10. Skipping breakfast
When we skip breakfast, we tend to overeat at lunch. Yet when skip meals, your metabolism slows down and is not able to burn excessive calories intake at lunch.

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