10 Step to Easily Make Healthy Spleen

The spleen is one organ that is located in the upper left abdominal cavity. The spleen serves to produce a fluid called lymph. This fluid helps digest food and cleanse the blood. The spleen also serves to nourish two other important organs are the liver and kidneys.

Because many functions, it is maintaining the health of the spleen is an important thing for you to do.

Here’s how to easily maintain a healthy spleen

Deep Breath
Your body is made ​​up of lymph fluid which is more than blood. The lymph fluid will transport toxins in the blood with the assistance of your respirator. So, while breathing a long inhale and exhale slowly.

Exercise ensure the spleen system or lymph system stay healthy. One of the best types of exercise to nourish your lymphatic system is to play on the trampoline which will automatically increase the flow of lymph.

Drink plenty of water
Without enough water, the lymph fluid can not flow properly in your body. One of the best ways to ensure that water is easily absorbed by the body cells is to add the lemon liquid into it.

Avoiding the consumption of soda
Soda contains a lot of sugar which will increase the workload of your lymph system.

Eating fruit
Enzymes and acid in the fruit is a good cleaning fluid spleen. One of the best time to eat fruit is to eat them on an empty stomach because the absorption of the nutrients will be maximized.

Eating lots of vegetables
Green vegetables contain chlorophyll which is good for cleansing the blood and lymph fluid you.

Eating nuts
Nuts contain fatty acids that are good for the health of your lymph. So there is no harm if you increase the consumption of walnuts, almonds, and peanuts.

Consuming Tea
Herbal Tea is good for health. One of the benefits of consuming tea is good for the health of your lymph.

Massage is one good way to maintain the health of your spleen. Because massage is able to facilitate the flow of your lymph.

Bath with hot and cold water alternately
Bathing with hot water to dilate your blood vessels, while the bath with cold water is able to close the back of the blood vessels. Avoid this type of therapy if you have problems with your heart.

That 10 health steps you can do to maintain the health of your spleen. Good luck!

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